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Frenchie Restaurant

The beating heart of Frenchie is our kitchen. This is the place where honest ingredients and passion come together to create surprising dishes. We get our inspiration from traditional French preparations, which we provide with an original twist.

The setting of our restaurant is a reflection of everything Frenchie stands for: creativity, surprising and welcoming. During the day you can enjoy specialty coffee or an extensive breakfast and original lunch. When evening falls, join us for a surprising 4.5 or 6-course dinner and choose from our extensive wine list.

Would you rather sit outside? Our heated terrace ensures that you can sit comfortably almost all year round.

Breakfast & Lunch

Our breakfast and lunch menu consists of a varied selection and unique flavor combinations. Our Fluffy Scrambled eggs, LA Street Sandwich & Chicken Bao are our timeless favorites. All dishes are carefully and freshly prepared with passion as the main ingredient. We really cook, even during lunch. Are you looking for something special? Enjoy our extensive 3-course breakfast or our 2-course lunch.


Fine dining

You have also come to the right place for a distinctive dinner. At Frenchie we like to offer our guests something different than what is already on the menu at other places. All our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. Can't choose? Then be surprised by our tasting menu served in 4.5 or 6 courses.


Wine list

Just as we look for the finest ingredients in the kitchen, Tim our Chef & Sommelier selects the most beautiful wines. We allow ourselves to be affected by the winemaker's passion and have a preference for organic/biodynamic or exciting wines with a beautiful story.

In our map you will find little new world. We have made the conscious choice to select our wines 'closer'. A nice selection has been made of wines from France, Italy, Spain and Germany with extra attention to the Burgundy and Beaujolais region, we love that!


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